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30+ Easy And Adorable DIY Ideas For Christmas Treats

by Santa Claus


It’s officially December, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Making and baking some yummy goodies is one of the most cherishing elements of the Christmas season. A relishing homemade treat can not only work as a great decoration to dress up your party tables with an unforgettable prettiness, but will also delight your loved ones with their palatable flavor, whether you serve them at a get-together or simply pack them into lovely gifts. Here are some Delicious and Unbeatably Gorgeous Christmas Treats to liven up your holiday season!

01. Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

Charm your Christmas party dinner with some miniature Christmas trees, that are actually brownie bites topped with a sweet strawberry and covered in delightful bright-green frosting. What’s great is that this recipe by Tasty Kitchen is so easy to put together that your little ones can also give you a hand in decorating their mini Christmas tree bites.


02. 3D Cookie Christmas Tree

What can be better than a Christmas tree made out of lots of green-frosted cookies stacked together with just a little bit of creativity, along with some edible decorative ornaments, and marshmallow presents assembled around itself ? Get Creative Juice shares the steps you need to follow to build a delectable 3D Cookie Christmas Tree.


03. Arrange sandwiches in a wreath


04. Layer mini marshmallow, strawberry, banana slice, and a grape on a small stick and you get Grinch Kabobs


05. Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Who can forget cupcakes when the subject of desserts and treats comes up? Specially, if some moist chocolate cupcakes look like actual Christmas trees, they can work wonders for your festival celebrations. Sugar cones adorned with green frosting, silver sprinkle ornaments and powdered sugar snow make this treat even more impressive


06. Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

A Santa Face Cookie is the perfect solution to combine all the sugary goodness of the world into one wholesome delight that looks outstandingly beautiful with its detailed finish. The below tutorial by In Katrina’s Kitchen teaches you with amazingly simplified instructions how you can make life-like Santa cookies using colored icing, candy beads and lustre dust.


07. Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake

A delicious chocolate cake heavily covered in Vanilla buttercream frosting, and decorated with dark chocolate trees is more than perfect for celebrating the cold winter season that makes Christmas the most beautiful festival of the year. Chocolate and Carrots makes it super quick and simple for you to bake and decorate this treat.


08. Creative Food for Christmas


09. Santa Hat White Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

Add a festive twist to a delicious white chocolate cheesecake to not only make it look amazing, but also taste equally mind-blowing! Make it wear a cute little Santa hat using strawberries and whipped cream, thereby brightening up your Christmas with these Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites – a divine dessert taking just a couple steps to prepare.


10. Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Candy canes are always a pleaser, but what about loads of candy canes transformed into a huge candylicious Christmas tree having coconut flake snow all around? Having styrofoam as the building blocks, this tree is totally covered in unwrapped candy canes, while being decorated with pinwheel candies and an edible star on top!


11. Golden Santa Bread

Make your Christmas super merry with a winsome Santa Bread that you can make all by yourself with utmost simplicity following the quick step-by-step instructions shared in the below recipe by Taste of Home. You will be surprised to witness how pretty the finished dish ends up looking !


12. Turn candy into Christmas lights

Taking just a few minutes to create, these Christmas Lights that are actually edible treats made out of lots of candies need no more than two ingredients, including green Mike and Ike candies, plus Almond M&M’s. You just have to cut the candies and combine them in a way that they look like gorgeous lights!



13. Make lattice-pie mug toppers for your mulled cider

Inviting friends over for a quick Christmas get-together? Make your treat table a true delight to watch, while making the coffee servings even more delicious with these simple-to-make Lattice Pie Mug Toppers that require you to perform just a bit of cutting and crisscrossing to wow your guests this season.


14. Candy Cane Blossoms

Coupled with a glass of milk, these cute cookies can’t get any more festive! These Christmas-themed Candy Cane Blossoms colored in red and green, decorated with adorable candy cane hats are a sheer pleasure to savour, while being utterly gorgeous at the same time, taking just a matter of 4 steps to get ready.


15. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Christmas Tree

X’Mas just can’t be complete without a Christmas Tree. But, have you ever thought of making a marvelous tree out of lip-smacking strawberries dipped in delicious dark chocolate? A couple of chocolate stars added on top make it simply irresistible. Check out how you can build your DIY Strawberry Tree in a super-quick and simple manner.


16. Reindeer Cupcake

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to engage yourself and your kids in some fun-filled holiday baking. If your family is fond of cupcakes, they are surely going to fall in love with this treat – Adorable Reindeer Cupcakes flaunting pretzel antlers, a wafer-y face, candy noses and icing eyeballs.


17. Christmas baking



18. Christmas White Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Add some beautiful holiday sprinkles to White Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods and get them all dressed up for Christmas. A surprisingly easy and quick Christmas treat, these Pretzel Rods are ideal for party nibbles, as well as for little yummy gifts. If you are a last-minute procrastinator, you can prepare a bag full of delicious rods in just half an hour.


19. Christmas Candy Carolers

Made with sour gummy worms, delightful gum drops, striped peppermint candy, and some nonpareils, this one looks simply amazing. Decorate your gingerbread houses with these Christmas Candy Carolers, or place them on your treat table at an X’mas party, they won’t fail to steal all the eyes.


20. Decorate upside-down waffle cones to make Christmas tree desserts

A mystical edible forest made up of lots and lots of beautiful trees, each elaborately decorated with different varieties of candies would be just so magical to watch, as well as savour. All you need to make these customized Candy Cookie Cones are some sugar cones, chocolate chips, cookie batter, candy toppings, and lollipop sticks.


21. Krispie Treat Christmas Tree

Marshmallow rice krispie treats colored deep green and assembled together into an exquisite Christmas tree decorated with colorful candies is a super easy and kid friendly recipe, ideal of the festive season ! Learn how you can make this amazing dessert with the step-by-step instructions by Cookies and Cups.



22. Use Christmas cookie cutters to make pancake shapes


23. Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree


24. Mini Gingerbread Houses

It’s hard to resist the palatable flavor of these Miniature Gingerbread Houses that are so adorably tiny that you can place them on the edge of your coffee mugs, or simply besides your dinner table platters. Decorated in a subtle and beautiful manner, these are a succulent treat that would impressive everyone who visits you for Christmas.


25. Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

Looking for a treat for the crowd at the Christmas party you organize at home, or just distributing at your kid’s school this year? Wrapped in red ribbon, these Marshmallow Pops having a huge marshmallow decorated and stuck in candy canes are perhaps, all you need to bring some huge smiles to all those faces.


26. Snowmen Cupcakes

As much as you and your kids love making a snowman outside in the chilly winters, you are going to love making this miniature snowman right over your kitchen counter. Decorating delectable chocolate cupcakes in an innovative manner using lots of buttercream frosting and some royal icing, you can pull off this recipe in no time.


27. Strawberry santas


28. Holiday Tree Brownies

Delicious tree-shaped brownies standing on top of a candy cane red, adorned with creamy vanilla frosting, green candy sprinkles and little chocolate baking bits coated in candy, these Holiday Tree Brownies by betty Crocker are perfect for Christmas, and equally amazing when it comes to their flavor, ideal for the young and elderly.


29. Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Reindeer

Prepare utterly mouth-watering party favors that resemble Santa’s reindeers for your Christmas celebrations all by yourself. Chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzel antlers come together for making this amazing treat flaunting cute little facial features of a reindeer, amazing enough to invite Santa himself.


30. Christmas Cookie Bark

Here is a cleverly combined mixture of broken up Oreos, pretzels, Christmas colored M&M’s, almond bark and lots of sprinkles. Whether you wish to enjoy the delectable Christmas Cookie Bark at home or wrap it in decorative bags to gift your loved ones, this recipe takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare a truly impressive treat.


31. Snowman Christmas Cupcakes

Snowman treats are always just so adorable and pretty that they can be used for almost any winter treat, and not just Christmas. To liven up your festival season, make these cute Mini Snowman Christmas Cupcakes that have got a gorgeous cake topper wearing Oreo and marshmallow hats and are garnished with cute sprinkles.


32. Oreo Truffles Two Ways

Did you imagine that lots of crushed Oreo cookies can turn into an exceptionally tasty Christmas treat when covered in delicious coatings? This wonderful recipe takes you through making two different versions of yummy Oreo Truffles, whereas one is dipped in Vanilla almond bark, the second has a special addition to it with peppermint candy decor.


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